Arranging Your Homecare Services

If you need a little extra care and support at home Day to Day Care can help you.  We will tailor our services around your needs and preferences, ensuring you are in control. In arranging your homecare service your Field Care Supervisor will meet with you and whoever you choose to accompany you, at a time and date of your choice to discuss your requirements.  Together you will draft your personal  homecare plan. This will detail what tasks need to be done by us and when.

You will see your Field Care Supervisor at regular intervals. She will ensure you are happy with our service and make sure your homecare plan is up to date and reflects your current requirements. If not, she will discuss any changes with you.

Your homecare worker will carry out every task detailed in your care plan and they will do it efficiently and effectively.  At the end of each visit they will complete a log book to detail what they have done.  Their arrival and departure time will also be recorded in the log book but we also capture this information electronically using our electronic call monitoring system.

The log book is a valuable source of information for you and whoever else you wish to have access to it.  This may include other care professionals such as your GP, District Nurse, family or close friends.


Help From A Familiar Face

Day to Day Care understands the importance of building relationships with our clients. That’s why we will always aim to keep the number of homecare workers who visit you to a minimum.  This is one of the things that our clients have told us is important to them. Continuity is also important to us because it helps us to monitor any changes in your condition.


Our Homecare Pledge

The ultimate proof of our quality is in the service we deliver to our clients. That’s why we make the promise that if you’re not happy with the service we provide to you we won’t charge you.

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