Home Care Worker Training

Investing In You

At Day to Day Care our values demand that we strive to be the best home care provider. Join our team and, through our home care worker training, we will invest in you to make you the best.

Our Home Care Workers do the simple things exceptionally well and are sometimes required to carry out complex tasks. With our comprehensive home care worker training you will be able to demonstrate your expertise in a number of areas and pass on this knowledge to our clients and their carers so they can follow best practice and keep their loved ones safe.


Consistent Quality

All new recruits, even those with extensive experience of home nursing and homecare support, undergo our initial home care worker training programme. This ensures that everyone is familiar with the Day to Day Care way of working and we can continue to provide consistently high-quality care in the home.

Once you’ve graduated as a trainee from our home care training school your training doesn’t stop. We’ll expect you to pursue a career qualification and you’ll be incentivised to do so.  We also encourage specialisation in specific conditions such as advanced dementia, Parkinson’s, strokes and learning disabilities.  Some care workers choose to specialise in palliative care.

All home care worker training is provided free of charge and you will usually be paid to attend. Some courses are classroom-based and others can be done online from your computer, allowing you to work at your own pace from home or at our dedicated training centre in our Petts Wood office.

Initial Training

Prior to starting your new home healthcare role you will need to attend a week long in-house orientation programme which, depending on your experience, might include around twenty hours of shadowing training. This initial training will give you:

  • a foundation for further training
  • a good understanding of our Day to Day Care values
  • an awareness of some of the issues you may come across as a home care worker

You will also attend a series of mandatory training courses, including moving and handling which is completed during your initial training week. Some courses are run by us and others are organised through the London Borough of Bromley’s training consortium, of which we were founder members.  We also offer some computer based training courses which can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.  All our training is provided for free and you will often be paid to attend.

At the start of your initial training you will be given your Day to Day Care uniform and protective equipment to use during shadowing phase. Shadowing is essentially accompanying a Senior Home Care Worker on their round.  This will give you an opportunity to observe what you have learned in the classroom before putting your home healthcare skills into practice.  Initially you will just be observing but as your confidence grows so will your participation until you can assume the lead role.

How long your shadowing lasts depends upon your progress.  We will not allow you to complete this stage of the process until you are confident working alone and, more importantly, we are satisfied that you are able to work independently, providing care in the home to our high standards.


The First Twelve Weeks

Your initial workload will be less than normal whilst you get used to working on your own. This enables us to identify the pace at which you are most comfortable working. During this initial period your Field Care Supervisor and your Training Coordinator will work very closely with you to help you develop your knowledge and skills.


Mandatory Training

Each new member of staff completes the Care certificate during their first three months with us. Following this carers are given the opportunity to gain the level two QCF qualification followed by the level three if they so wish.

The courses listed below form part of our initial mandatory training for new recruits. They are essential to following good care guidelines. Some of the courses need to be refreshed at regular intervals and we will not allow you to practice homecare on our behalf unless your qualifications and certifications are current. Where necessary our training department will arrange for your attendance at the appropriate course prior to the expiration of your current qualification.

  • Manual Handling — (refreshed annually)
  • An Introduction to Dementia
  • Adult Protection Procedures — (refreshed every three years)
  • First Aid — (refreshed every three years)
  • Fire Safety—  (refreshed every three years)
  • Food Hygiene—  (refreshed every three years)
  • Health & Safety  (refreshed every three years)
  • Infection Control—  (refreshed every three years)
  • Awareness of The Mental Capacity Act
  • The Safe Administration of Medicines— (refreshed every three years)


Opportunities To Specialise

In order to meet the greater needs of some of our clients it is imperative that we have a deeper understanding of the conditions that affect them. Clients with advanced dementia and Parkinson’s disease are now increasingly able to remain living in their own homes with specialist support.

If you find you enjoy working with particular client groups the most and decide to specialise we would encourage you to pursue further training in areas including:

  • Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Strokes
  • Learning disabilities
  • Palliative care

We have access to and work with a number of specialist organisations who can provide the training and learning materials to give you an in depth understanding of your chosen specialism. Not all of these courses offer a qualification but they will provide proof of completion and, most importantly, the education to practice your specialism to the highest standards.

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