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Home Care Services

Domiciliary Care

Home care, also known as domiciliary care, is the care you receive in your own home, usually from a professional home care worker working to an agreed care plan. Your home care worker may visit once per day or more frequently and each visit may vary in duration from fifteen minutes to many hours depending on your need. Care at home can be short-term, for example, whilst you recuperate following a stay in hospital or long-term but it should be flexible and tailored to reflect your current needs.

As you would expect, the cost of home care compares favourably with the cost of care received in a residential setting but the main advantage of home care is that it gives you the benefit of continuing to live in the safe, secure and familiar surroundings of your own home with pets, friends, neighbours and other home comforts close at hand.

A good home care service puts you at the centre of, and in charge of, the care and support you receive. Ensuring you have full control and the ability to make informed choices is integral to our approach.   We know it’s important that services are delivered in the context of the life that each person chooses and we recognize the value that family members and friends can add in the care planning process and we welcome their contribution.

Your Care Plan

What tasks you require help with, and when, will be agreed with you and detailed in your care plan for your home care worker to carry out, along with any extra ad hoc tasks that need doing from time to time. Your care plan is maintained and updated in real-time in accordance with your needs and through visit logs completed by your care worker during each visit. Visit logs are constantly reviewed by your care management team to ensure any variations from the agreed plan are checked. The same information along with a record of any observations and comments can be made available to your loved ones using the free Care Planning App on their smart device.

Home Care Tasks

A good home care service will enable you to retain as much independence as possible thereby enabling you to continue living in the comfort of your own home for as long as practicable. The tasks with which our home care workers can assist you are designed to help you maintain your daily routines. The range of services includes:

  • Personal care (e.g. bathing, help using the toilet, dressing)
  • Transfers e.g. getting in and out of bed or a wheelchair
  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Ensuring you have taken your medication

You can also get help around the home with tasks such as:

  • Light housework
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping
  • Assisting you with telephone calls
  • Helping you with your mail and paying household bills

What are carers not allowed to do?

Carers are not allowed to perform medical procedures, such as administering medication, unless they have been trained to do so. They also cannot provide services that require a professional license, such as physical therapy.  Additionally, some household tasks may be considered hazardous and therefore require a risk assessment to be done by a qualified person before they can be carried out.

Home Care Visits and Overnight Care

The duration of your care visits can vary and will depend on the tasks you have asked us to complete. Typically, visits last between thirty minutes and an hour. However, you can request a visit of just fifteen minutes for a small but urgent task, such as a medication check. Then again, if you need a bit of company or someone to visit you while your regular carer takes a break, we can stay with you for any number of hours, including overnight. We also offer live-in care and respite care.

Your service is available to you seven days per week. You can schedule your home care visits to start anytime from 7 am each morning and your last evening call to start as late as 9.30 pm. You can also request an overnight service and this may be an awake or sleep duty depending on your specific needs. These start at 10 pm and finish at 7 am.

Continuity of Care

You can expect to receive your regular care visits from a small team of home care workers. As few as is practical. This means they will not only be familiar to you and understand your specific requirements and individual preferences but, from your well-being perspective, they are more likely to notice any changes in your condition that may warrant further attention.

Your Peace of Mind

You can expect a higher standard of care at home from our domiciliary care service. All of your home care staff are directly employed by us. They have been selected based on their mature outlook and life experiences and they have undergone extensive training to ensure they have the right mix of skills to keep you safe and protected.

Our home care service includes specialist support for older people and those requiring dementia care but we also care for people with learning disabilities, sensory impairment, mental health problems, and physical disabilities including those living with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, or facing challenges after a stroke.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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